Sovereign Wealth Funds 2018

IE Sovereign Wealth Labs presents the seventh edition of the Sovereign Wealth Funds Report, a joint research report that offers an in-depth look at the trends, strategies and transactions of Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs). SovereigNet affiliates featured in the report include Javier Capapé, Diego Lopez, and Patrick Schena. The 2018 report provides a thorough analysis of two major constraints on the global economy: the Trade War between the United States and China and the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union.

The 2018 Sovereign Wealth Funds report, which is a joint project by ICEX-Invest in Spain and the IE Business School, has become a reference tool in the analysis of the sovereign funds industry worldwide. In spite of the risks announced, the 2018 report on sovereign funds shows considerable continuity in the destination markets. In 2017 and until September 2018, the United States, United Kingdom, India and China are still the main investment markets for funds. By sector, 2018 saw a certain stagnation of investment in infrastructure and real estate after a record year in 2017. The business and financial services sector enjoyed significant growth, as did the chemical sector, thanks to several large-scale transactions. Most investments have a high technology component, with a particular focus on biotechnology, fintech, software and alternative urban transport services. This trend confirms the key role played by public instruments in sustaining or driving innovation and change.

We hope you will find the present document of interest and that it will continue to serve as a useful tool for public decision-makers and investment professionals.

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