Attendee Procedure for Handling Harassment

Conference staff will keep the name and identity of any reports confidential unless explicitly discussed with the person reporting.

1. Contact a member of conference staff, who can be identified by their badges.  All of our conference staff members are informed of the code of conduct policy and guide for handling harassment at the conference.

2. When reporting the event to staff, try to gather as much information as available, but do not interview people about the incident. Conference staff will assist you in writing report/collecting information.

3. The important information consists of:

    Identifying information (name) of the participant doing the harassing
    The behavior that was in violation of the code of conduct
    The approximate time of the behavior (if different than the time the report was made)
    The circumstances surrounding the incident
    Other people involved in the incident

4. As long as everyone is physically safe, conference staff will address the behavior with the participant. Conference staff will involve law enforcement or security only as a last resort or at a victim’s request. If you do feel your safety is in jeopardy, please do not hesitate to contact local law enforcement by dialing 911. If you do not have a cell phone, you can use any phone or simply ask a staff member.

This procedure has been adopted from the Foss4g guide called “Attendee Procedure For Handling Harassment,” which was adapted from the Ada Initiative’s guide,”Conference anti-harassment/Responding to Reports” and PyCon 2017’s policy.