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Name of Activity Habitats and Adaptations
Author Laura Fradin, David Heim
Keywords animal adaptations, habitat, biology, bioengineering
Subject Animal Adaptations
Grade Level 5
Time 1 Hour Total
Brief Description This lesson provides basic information about habitats and the challenges that animals face within each habitat and adaptations they would need in order to survive.
Lesson Objectives: -introduce the idea of habitats
-learn how adaptations and habitats relate
Materials Needed: paper
colored pencils
Knowledge Background none
Procedure 1) Introduce habitats and describe the hardships that animals face in each habitat (powerpoint of images and list of challenges attached) 2) Show examples of animals that live in each habitat 3) Present the students with challenges and have them think of adaptations they could have in order to overcome these problems. The students have to “engineer” different solutions for different problems. Emphasize that a variety of different adaptations would work. Example Challenge: You live deep at the bottom of the ocean. There isn’t much light or food. What adaptations would you have to have in order to survive? Allow students time to draw their design and then present. Example Challenge Solutions: Big eyes, light-up scales, echolocation, lures to attract food, etc. 4) Repeat with many challenges, allowing students to be creative with their engineering.
Extensions: Relate this to bioengineering and using pre-existing animal adaptations for different purposes
Modifications: -allow students to build the animal with legos
Reference 1
Reference 2
Umbrella Unit/Curriculum (if applicable) Animal Adaptations
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