Name of Activity

Tiny Homes – Building Circuits for Tiny Homes




building, sustainability, tiny homes, renewable energy, circuits, design, series, parallel


Building/EDP, Electricity & Magnetism

Grade Level

5, 6, 7


1 Hour

Brief Description

Students will work in their tiny home groups to implement the circuit designs they made the week before.

Learning Goals:

Students work well together in groups and exercise their knowledge of circuits


Bring materials that the students requested the week before (squishy circuits and snap circuit supplies)


Gather the materials for each group’s shopping list

Knowledge Background

Teacher should have the students in their tiny home groups when they arrive. Ideally teacher should have some knowledge of circuit building and renewable energy



  1. Students should be in groups when you arrive.
  2. Recap the planning that each group did the week before, which should include series and parallel circuits.
  3. Discuss ways to organize and arrange circuits in the tiny homes.
  4. Make sure each group is familiar with their design from the previous week before they start building.
  5. Hand out the materials that each group requested.
  6. For the remainder of class walk around to make sure groups are working well together.
  7. In the last 5-10 minutes of class have each group present on their tiny home and circuit design. Each group can share what they liked best about building and adding the circuit to their home.

Previous Activity (if applicable)

TIny Homes – Intro to Renewable Energy, Circuit Design

Umbrella Unit/Curriculum (if applicable)

Tiny Homes and Energy Resources

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