Grid Coding


  • Students will learn basic coding concepts by moving themselves through a grid
  • Students will understand that coding requires specificity

Grade Level: K-2

Time: 1 hour


  • Grid worksheets
  • 6×6 grid on the floor (can be made using masking tape)
  • Images for the grid to either avoid or go to


Lesson Plan:

  1. Introduce coding. Coding is a very specific list of instructions that tell a computer or robot how to do something.
  2. When navigating the grid, students will have these code commands:
    1. Left
    2. Right
    3. Up
    4. Down
    5. Turn
      1. 90 degrees
      2. 180 degrees
  3. Students can choose to code on the worksheet, drawing the arrows that would be required to navigate through the grid. Students will act as the “robots” and follow the instructions given to them.
  4. Example Grid Coding Challenges:

  1. Did any group write the same code as another one? What is the shortest possible path students can take? What is the longest possible path students can take?


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