Brief Description:

Students learn basic programming concepts with Scratch, including giving a sprite instructions and having a sprite respond to user input.

Grades: 3-9

Time: Varies

Keywords: Scratch animation, scratch, programming

Lesson Objectives

  • Students will learn basic programming concepts with Scratch
  • Introduce logic in programming (if, if-else, if-then etc.)


  • Computers


  1. Have students go to and describe what they see around the main screen. Define and show the stage, sprites, and scripts.
  2. Scripts include:
    1. Motion- details how the sprite should move
    2. Looks- lets you change the appearance of the sprite
    3. Sound- inserts sounds
    4. Pen- draws
    5. Data- makes variables or lists.
    6. Events- When ____ happens, the sprite will do ______.
    7. Control- Introduces loops, if-then statements, and other when statements.
    8. Sensing- controls the sprites “senses” i.e. if it is touching a color, etc.
    9. Operators- involved in logic of programming, creating conditions, and/or statements, and randomizers
    10. And More Blocks
  3. The scripts fit together so that you know if two blocks can or cannot work together.
  4. To make the sprites moves using the arrow keys, use a conditional statement. Example: “If the right arrow is hit, then change x by 10”
    1. This must then be looped forever in order to work
    2. Horizontal movement should change on the X axis, Vertical movement should change on the Y axis
  5. Allow students to experiment with moving the sprite around and seeing what commands do what.
  6. When students have experimented with scratch, challenge them with a variety of different challenges.
    1. (Optional) Have students fill out the Scratch Challenge Worksheet as they go through each challenge
    2. Make a sprite glide across the edge of the screen, turning at each corner.
      1. Sample code:
    3. Make a sprite walk across the screen, run into a wall, fall down, and say “Ouch!”
      1. Sample code:
    1. Make scratch draw a pattern across the screen that stops and goes away when you press the spacebar.
      1. Sample Code:
    2. Make scratch act like a robot that does your homework for you
  1. For full class period/multiple class period scratch challenges, have students:
    1. Make a video game
      1. Space invaders
      2. Platformer
      3. Ball/Paddle games
    2. Make an animated short.


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