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Hello STOMPers! Thank you all for attending today’s development meeting. We will be using the website to recap meetings from now on.


1) Please register for Robotics Training sessions — mandatory for anyone new to LEGO robotics or teaching robotics in class this semester. Find the registration link in the powerpoint.

2) Please email your teachers according to the specifications in the powerpoint TODAY!

3) To take a driving test for the STOMP car, please email me.

4) Anyone needing the STOMP car in the next week please let me know via email so I can ensure the car is available when you need it.

5) After meeting with your teacher, please tell me ASAP if you would like to reserve kits and computers.

Find today’s powerpoint here:

January 21: 1-21

Thanks! Looking forward to a great semester!

– Jess


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