STOMP Certified Units

Activity Grade Time Keywords
Making Ice Cream 5+ 1h chemical engineering, melting point, chemicals, solvent, ions
Lightning 3-5 0h30 min electrons, protons, static electricity, lightning
Build a Sundial 1+ 1h sundial, observations, revolution, earth, sun, rotation, axis, gnomon, solstice, equinox
Unclog an Artery 5+ 1h biomedical engineering, cardiovascular disease, angioplasty
Gears: Spin Art 4+ 2h gears, simple machines, gear ratios, spin art
Design an App 4-6 2h app, engineering design process, service learning, wireframe, computer science
Prosthetic Hand 5+ 2h biomedical engineering, prosthetics, anatomy
NXT Vehicles 5-7 1h-4h NXT robotics, MINDSTORMs programming, on-brick programming, vehicles, earth science, battle bots, mars rover, lunar rover
Tensegrity Structures 3+ 1h Sturdy structures, tension, stability, integrity, tensegrity
Earthquake Box 2-5 1h Earthquake and natural disasters
NXT Sensor Introduction  5+ 1h-2h sensors, NXT robotics, MINDSTORMs, say hello, double-sided sensors, alarm, freeze dance, game show buzzer, light at the beginning of the tunnel, digital measuring wheel
NXT Line Follower (and Variations) 4+ 1h NXT robotics, sensors, line, follow, loops, wall follower, maze
NXT Control System 5+ 1h-3h NXT robotics, MINDSTORMs, programming, segway, ice skating, follow the hand
NXT Challenge Day 5+ 2h NXT robotics, sensors, programming, MINDSTORMs, control systems, line follower
NXT Animal Adaptations 5+ 3h NXT robotics, programming, MINDSTORMs
Jet Propulsion and Invertebrate Movement 1-3 1h invertebrate movement, jet propulsion, modeling, squids, planes, invertebrate, vertebrate, bioengineering
NXT and Music 4+ 1h-2h  NXT robotics, MINDSTORMs programming, music, light symphony, nxt musical instrument
Making Weather Instruments 1-5 1h anemometer, thermometer, construct, weather, barometer, hygrometer, rain gauge
NXT Amusements Park 5+ 2h NXT robotics, programming, sensors, motors

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