Software Tools

Links to project pages and source code for our software tools can be found here.


NVMExplorer is a design space exploration tool to perform cross-stack evaluations of emerging, embedded non-volatile memory technologies.


HotGauge is a thermal modeling and characterization framework designed to facilitate architecture level analysis and mitigation of thermal hotspots on modern processors. The framework is publicly available on GitHub and archived on Zenodo.


Sigil is a binary instrumentation based tool that assists Hardware/Software partitioning by automatically capturing communication annotated callgraphs for applications. The code is available on GitHub.


SynchroTrace is a two-step trace-driven simulation methodology that enables efficient design space exploration of CMPs. The code is available on GitHub.


PRISM is our flexible workload characterization tool. The code is available on GitHub.

NVM Cell Models

Download has arrived! It is available here.