Tea Talk and Tasting at the Denver Museum of Science

Tea Horse Road: The World’s Oldest and Highest Tea Trade Route

Journey to China, the motherland of the tea plant, and across the Himalaya, along the world’s oldest and highest tea trade route. Ethnobotanist Selena Ahmed, coauthor of the book Tea Horse Road: China’s Ancient Trade Road to Tibet, examines the lives and landscapes that were touched by the exchange of tea and other natural resources. She will share the enduring history of tea, including how tea is related to modern issues such as sustainable farming, globalization, conservation, and human wellness. You will also enjoy tasting cocktails with herbal blends from Shoots & Roots Bitters, a company started by Ahmed and two fellow scientists. Ahmed applies her phytochemistry expertise to creating high-quality botanical infusions using plants she studies around the world.
Thursday, February 12 • 7 p.m. • Ricketson Auditorium • $15 member $18 nonmember • cash bar • book sale & signing

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