Colin Orians

Colin M. Orians

Professor, Department of Biology, Tufts University

As the PI of this project, Dr. Orians oversees all project components as well as leading manipulative and herbivory experiments.

Dr. Orian’s research focuses on the dynamic responses of plants to both herbivores and climatic factors in space and time. While much is known about how plants respond to specific factors, our understanding is limited in terms of: 1) how plants respond to multiple herbivores (native and or invasive), 2) whether plants can simultaneously induce resistance and tolerance traits, and 3) how plant responses are integrated at the whole plant level.

Dr. Orian’s research team combines physiological, chemical and isotope (stable and radio) techniques to elucidate patterns and identify mechanisms. As a research group, they are question driven and not system driven. Members of the lab have worked with diverse plants/systems including tomato, garlic mustard, hemlock, tea, willow, and green roof plant communities. More detailed information can be found on the laboratory website.

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