Research About Teaching and Learning

Professor of Computer Science Donna Slonim (center) with students in Halligan Hall, January 18, 2019. From left: Fangang Qu, Postdoctoral Scholar; Rebecca Newman, PhD candidate; Professor Donna Slonim; and Christopher Pietras, PhD candidate. (Anna Miller/Tufts University)

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) is a systematic engagement with research related to student learning that is published in peer-reviewed journals to advance the knowledge base of peers.   In contrast to scholarly teaching, which involves reading about new teaching methodologies, reflecting on teaching practices, attending workshops, or asking for peer feedback, SoTL is the work of inquiry and scholarship about teaching and learning.  As a practice, SoTL is grounded in reflection and the exploration of your students learning.

An Introduction to SoTL
SoTL begins with intellectual curiosity, but is grounded in an analysis of relevant evidence. These resources will introduce you to the field and practice of SoTL —

Examples of SoTL Studies
Discover a variety of examples of SoTL project designs across disciplines.

Example SoTL Publications Include:

Getting Started on your own scholarship
This resource offers recommendations for integrating SoTL into your own teaching practice

Additional Resources