The ocean covers 71% over the earth’s surface, far, far greater than any land mass. Directly or indirectly, it touches every piece of life on earth and every aspect of human society. The ocean feeds nations, transports goods, and provides energy across the globe.

The Fletcher School at Tufts University will convene an important conference on September 28, 2018 entitled "The Ocean’s Turn?" With this one-day event, we will look at the role of the ocean as an avenue, an arena, and a source, and examine it all through the lenses of geopolitics, sustainability, and an overarching notion of innovation.

The conference will bring together thought leaders from around the globe and examine the critical issues facing the world’s oceans today. Through engaging keynotes, TED-style talks, and panel discussions, we will explore the maritime sphere from the perspectives of science, business, law and politics, investment and the economy, security, and international relations.

The purpose of the conference is to evaluate important maritime sectors, such as global shipping, the food industry, and the energy sector, and will dive into geopolitics, BlueTech, maritime security and policy, environmental imperatives, and other vital issues. Major themes will include technology and innovation of a "connected ocean," geopolitical and transnational legal factors, and imperatives driven by sustainability needs, concerns, and opportunities.


Stay tuned for more from The Ocean's Turn?