The Ocean's Turn? Conference

Mapping the future of the ocean through geopolitics, sustainability and innovation.

About the Conference

The Fletcher School at Tufts University convened an important conference entitled “The Ocean’s Turn?”, which brought together leaders from around the globe to examine the critical issues facing the ocean today.

The conference evaluated important maritime sectors, such as global shipping, the food industry, and the energy sector, and dove deep into geopolitics, BlueTech, maritime security and policy, environmental imperatives, and other vital issues.

“The sea, particularly as a geopolitical entity, will continue to exert an enormous influence on how global events unfold. The ocean will haunt our policy and our choices in this turbulent twenty-first century.” 

James Stavridis
Dean Emeritus, The Fletcher School; Admiral, U.S. Navy (Retired)

Download the Conference Report

Learn more about the topics discussed at the Ocean’s Turn? conference by downloading the conference report. The report includes the speakers and panels featured at the event and the key insights introduced by them. 

Watch the Video Recap

Did you miss the conference? Watch the video recap to see event highlights, key topics discussed, innovations in ocean technology and sustainability, and how we can preserve the ocean for the years to come.