Tripoli Cohort 2018


Allison Beeman is a Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy candidate at the Fletcher School, concentrating in international law and conflict resolution in the Middle East. Prior to Fletcher, Allison studied Arabic in Oman and Jordan. While living in Jordan, Allison helped launch the Business-to-Business sales sector for Jamalon, the largest online bookstore in the Middle East. She also served as a Refugee Protection Intern for the International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP) and conducted research for Humanitarian Research Services, a consultancy serving organizations providing humanitarian aid and conflict resolution services in Syria. At the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, Allison will support the Trial Chambers by assisting the Judges and legal team in drafting and reviewing legal decisions, orders, and memoranda. She will also conduct research on the intersection of peace and justice in Lebanon.



Alex Hall is a Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy student at the Fletcher School with a focus on Conflict Resolution and Security Studies. She is most interested in studying civil society’s role in post-conflict environments. Her regional foci have been in the MENA region and Balkans, where she has studied the implementation of peace negotiations. Prior to Fletcher Alex worked at Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston, and received her Bachelor’s in Politics from Brandeis University.

In Lebanon, Alex will be working with UMAM Documentation & Research, an archival organization working to build collective memory in Lebanon through publications and art exhibitions. She will also independently be working with a Lebanese artist, researching the history of the formation of the Levant.



Hania Mumtaz is a dual-degree Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy candidate at the Fletcher School and Doctor of Medicine candidate at the Tufts University School of Medicine. Prior to her time at Fletcher, Hania received her B.S. in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Central Florida. During her undergraduate years, Hania volunteered much of her time working at Shepherd’s Hope’s free medical clinics, where she became interested in how forced migration contributes to the development of health disparities. She seeks to combine her training in the life sciences with a background in development economics and international organizations. Her primary research interests include implementing sustainable development policies, governance structures, and the politics of healthcare delivery. In partnership with Balamand University, Hania will be researching the health sector in Lebanon and designing a health systems analysis map of the city of Tripoli.



Quinn Rask is a Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy candidate, focusing on international security and international political economy. Before Fletcher, Quinn worked as an analyst in D.C. on a range of issues, including defense, national security, technology, and energy. He worked with the office of Energy Policy and Systems Analysis at the Department of Energy on the Quadrennial Energy Review, a presidentially-mandated policy report on the future of the energy sector in the United States. Quinn has a BA in International Relations, Middle Eastern Studies, and Arabic from Tufts University. He will intern at the Carnegie Middle East Center and conduct independent research on sectarian violence in Tripoli.



Leah Schulz is a Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy candidate at the Fletcher School, focusing on conflict resolution and human security. Prior to Fletcher, Leah worked in Washington DC as a research and advocacy assistant at various NGOs focusing on human rights and civil society in the MENA region. Leah previously studied Arabic and volunteered in Jordan and Morocco. She is conversational levantine dialect. At Search Common Ground , Leah will assist with the organization’s efforts to implement programs for sustainable peace and conflict transformation in the Tripoli area and Lebanon at-large.



Kinsey Spears is a member of the Tripoli Project team and Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy candidate at the Fletcher School, concentrating on gender analysis, human security and security studies. Prior to Fletcher, Kinsey worked as the Director of Scheduling for Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, and served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Cambodia from 2012-2014 and completed her undergraduate degree in International Affairs and Arabic while at the University of Georgia.  Kinsey will be working with Mercy Corps in Tripoli. She will conduct a gender assessment for the INTAJ3 program, which focuses on waste management and good governance practices.


Carmen Wilke is a Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy candidate at the Fletcher School, focusing on Human Security and Public International Law. Before arriving at Fletcher, Carmen worked in Geneva, Switzerland for both IOM and UNHCR, ran a program for unaccompanied minors in Chicago, and attended the University of Oxford Summer School on Forced Migration. Her interests revolve around immigration and the humanitarian regime.

Based at the Lebanese Ministry of Education, Carmen will be researching how higher education has coped with the immense challenges that arose from the influx of refugees caused by the conflict in Syria. This includes its interactions with the international community and aid organizations, as well as its initiatives targeting inclusive education for refugee children.



Michael Willis is a member of the Tripoli Project team, and a Masters of Arts in Law and Diplomacy candidate at the Fletcher School focusing on International Security and International Conflict Resolution and Negotiation. Prior to joining the Fletcher School, Michael worked with the U.S. Department of State in New York, and the U.S. Peace Corps in Morocco. He will intern with March Lebanon, working on grassroots peacebuilding and conflict resolution projects with marginalized youth in Tripoli. In addition, Michael will be conducting field research on the conflict in Tripoli



Claire Wilson - The Tripoli Project


Claire Wilson is the Project Manager and a founding member of the Tripoli Project. Claire has a M.A. in Law and Diplomacy with a concentration in Gender Analysis in International Studies and Humanitarian Affairs. She has a B.A. in Middle East and North Africa Studies from Scripps College, and studied at the American University of Beirut and the School of Oriental and African Studies. Claire is a humanitarian practitioner and research consultant, working on crisis affected areas in Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, and Jordan. In Tripoli, Claire has conducted research on urban migration in the aftermath of the Syrian refugee crisis as well as studied the intersections of substance abuse and community health.





John Zeleznak is a Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy candidate at The Fletcher School with a focus on Human Security and Conflict Resolution. He is particularly interested in issues of forced displacement. Prior to Fletcher, John served in China as an Education Volunteer with the Peace Corps and received his Bachelor’s in Public Policy Studies from Vanderbilt University. John will be working with Hania (aforementioned) on the health systems analysis map of the city of Tripoli in conjunction with Balamand University. In addition, he will be leading teacher trainings at Tyour Amal, a school for Syrian refugees in Tripoli. John speaks English, French, and Chinese.