April 12, 2012; 4 – 8:30 p.m. at Worcester State University  (Agenda)


The Massachusetts Watershed Coalition is holding Community Stormwater Conference on Thursday April 12 to learn about easy ways to protect and renew local waters.  EPA Region 1 Administrator Curt Spalding is the keynote speaker, and he will share stormwater updates with a focus on EPA’s Soak up the Rain Campaign that helps people cleanse polluted runoff.

Few people know that stormwater is the leading source of water pollution.  Lethal runoff from roads, homes and businesses goes directly into living streams.  Rapid overflow from paved areas during storms erodes streams and reduces the groundwater recharge that nourishes stream flows in dry times.  Fortunately, inexpensive solutions can fix problems that damage property, harm stream life and spoil the uses of brooks, lakes and reservoirs.

Stormwater is caused by the entire community and everyone can reduce runoff to heal damages to vital waters. The meeting will feature workshops about low-cost runoff remedies, aquatic ecosystems, stormwater utilities, erosion control, porous paving, BMP performance ratings, how to disconnect streets from streams, and more.  Expert speakers will supply practical guidance for municipal officials, watershed groups, lake associations, highway departments, home builders, engineers and concerned citizens, which can help to renew the health of cherished waters. 

Please click here to download the meeting agenda.

The $10 registration ($5 for students) includes meeting materials and refreshments.  Please register online at this website or telephone (978) 534-0379.