Mass Energy Lab, Seek Energy Innovation Competition

Mass Energy Lab is committed to continuously seeking knowledge and innovation that can contribute to energy waste reduction in commercial and industrial buildings.This fall, Mass Energy Lab will sponsor a contest for graduate and undergraduate students in Massachusetts to identify and research cutting-edge, new-to-market energy efficiency solutions that can impact the built environment. Research projects should explore the technical performance of the subject solution,as well as the marketability of the solution in the region. Participants are expected to provide a detailed explanation of the product’s functionality and a thorough market analysis that relays the solution’s potential for market penetration. Participants may enter the contest individually or in groups of up to two people.


Research Project paper exploring the technical performance and marketability of a new-to-market energy efficiency retrofit solution.

Finalist will present their research to a panel of industry experts.


  • Submissions open- 9/1
  • Submissions closed- 11/4
  • Notifications- 11/18
  • Awards Event- 12/1
  • Awards Issued- 12/8


  • First Prize- $3000
  • Second Prize- $1500
  • Third Prize-$500

For more information visit their website.

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