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Interested in being an Eco-Rep? You don’t have to wait until next year! We are accepting applications for the spring semester RIGHT NOW! Deadline is November 2nd but apps are accepted on a rolling basis, so apply! Now. 2013_Spring_Eco-Rep_App


Meet & Greet

Each Eco-Rep was responsible for having a “Meet and Greet” event the first few weeks of school. We are happy to report that these events were AWESOME!  I am one of two representatives for South Hall and we had 71 people come by and chat with us!  We had baked brownies and cookies and then had brief conversations about green things at Tufts as people passed by in the lobby. The best part of this   event was that people recognized us from the all hall meeting! I fielded really thoughtful questions on composting in the dorms, composting in the dining halls, recycling, my job description, and our Terracycle initiative. What a great start to the year!


I just mentioned our Terracycle initiative, but I realize there is a good chance you don’t know what that is. Have you ever seen those purses made out of Lays chip bags? Or wallets out of Cheetos? Well, those are from Terracycle! The company upcycles materials and makes new products. Eco-Reps collect chip bags and granola bar wrappers, mail them in, and then get $$ to fund programs in the dorms.

Read more about Tufts Terracycling here:

AND check out the Terracycle “About Us” page  and check out how it works! 


Eco-Reps are busy planning and putting on our first events of the year. I had the pleasure of attending a discussion on The Story of Stuff last week! I appreciated everyone’s comments on the book and reflections on sustainability here at Tufts. The cynic in me doubted that many people had actually read the book, but this event proved me wrong! Props to Lauren Deaderick and Hayley Welsh for hosting the  first official event of the semester!

Book discussion in Tilton with Eco-Reps, Resident Scholar, and ACE Fellows

Why do YOU go green?

I did a quick youtube search for “go green” and came up with this video: That’s Why I Go Green. The lyrics to the song were written by a kid and then the group sang it and made a music video. I know nothing about the organization but I like their vid! I go green because I believe we can make a difference! Why do you go green?

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