What is Community-Supported Agriculture?

Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a popular way to buy local, seasonal produce from small farmers. The movement began in the 1980s and there are over 13,000 CSAs in North America today. Customers pay a flat fee at the beginning of the season and then pick up a box of freshly harvested fruit and vegetables each week from a central drop-off location (e.g. the Tufts Office of Sustainability, located in the back of Miller Hall).


Why Join a CSA?

  • Upfront payments help farmers in the beginning of the season, when cash flow is most crucial.
  • Ultra-fresh food is more nutritious and tastes better.
  • Contribute to the local economy and know exactly where your food comes from.
  • Make new and exciting recipes with heirloom vegetables you can’t find at the supermarket!
  • Some CSAs include local eggs, herbs, and processed items like cheese or jam.
  • Cut down on food transport mileage.
  • Farms in the Boston area are not expansive monocultures – whether they are certified organic or not, they employ methods that are better for the soil and use fewer herbicides, pesticides, and synthetic fertilizers.


Tufts CSA Options

  • World PEAS is a program of the New Entry Sustainable Farming Project, which supports immigrant, refugee, and beginning farmers in eastern MA. Includes vegetables and fruit! http://www.ctiworldpeascsa.org/Default.asp
    • Shares
      Small ($27.25/week, feeds 2)
      Large ($40.75/week, feeds 4-5)
      Egg share ($4.50/week, 1/2 dozen/week)
    • Season Dates
      Summer/Fall share: June 9 – Oct 22
      Fall share ($30/week, feeds 2): Sep 3 – Oct 22
  • Enterprise Farm is a first generation family farm thatgrows certified organic vegetables. The CSA Farm Share allows a member-supported Mobile Market to bring affordable, farm-fresh food directly to underserved neighborhoods in Springfield and Somerville. http://enterprisefarmcsa.com/
    • Shares
      Small ($19.25/week)
      Medium ($24.78/week)
      Large ($32.89/week)
    • Season Dates

Summer/Fall share: June 8 – Nov 7
Fall share: Sep 1 – Nov


For more information…

Please contact Sylvia Lustig of the Tufts Green House (sustainable living on-campus housing) at Sylvia.Lustig@tufts.edu or visit http://sustainability.tufts.edu/get-involved/community-supported-agriculture/