Waste Diversion Manager, UCSD (San Diego, CA)

The Waste Diversion Manager will draft and implement a campus plan for accomplishing diversion of solid waste from landfill according to UC Office of the President requirements and taking into account campus stakeholder needs and desires. Diversion methods may include but are not limited to reuse, recycling, composting, and other diversion and disposal technology. Of special interest are methodologies that accomplish closed loop use of resources and energy recovery.

The Waste Diversion Manager will:

  • Manage all aspects of Campus-wide Integrated Waste Management Program. Plan, organize, and coordinate all waste disposal and recycling activities and resources at UC San Diego. Establish annual goals for waste minimization and recycling, and serve as advisor and consultant to campus departments and organizations engaged in recycling programs. Supervise, direct and provide guidance to recycling staff members.
  • Provide counsel and discipline to staff, when necessary. Administer contracts made with waste management and recycling vendors. Work closely with Local, State and Federal government agencies to monitor and analyze changes in waste disposal and recycling industries. Lead, including providing administrative and technical support to campus Waste Minimization Advisory Committee.
Application Deadline:  July 13th

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  1. cooper chase milton

    April 1, 2021 at 4:49 pm

    My name is Cooper Milton. I was the student representative on the board to hire the crafts center manager. I am currently a student at UCSD in the basement program starting a plastic upcylcing company. I am looking for a facility to host our machines that turn plastic waste into products for projects or sports equipment. We have received funding through the TGIF grant from the sustainability Resource Center on campus UCSD for the three machines that we need for our plastic upcycling process. The first being a shredder to shred up the plastic material, the second an extruder to melt down the plastic and the final a injector, or 3D printer, to make molds and products. We will be sourcing our materials from manufacturing and distribution centers that are creating excess amounts of waste that is otherwise improperly being collected and sent to landfills. The products that we will be making will be focusing on the surf community, due to its incentive towards sustainable purchasing. Initially, we will be making surf board fins and fin boxes before expanding into all types of sports equipment. A percent of profit will be going to backend humanitarian work that our company will be implementing. We will be working in developing countries that are overrun with plastic pollution by educating communities on the impacts of plastics on the environment, creating jobs to fund local economies such as surf instructors that give lessons for the price of a beach clean up that puts materials back into making new products, and creating a local incentive to clean waste and collect plastics due to the market for plastics that will be created. Many organizations around the world have started these circular economies to boost developing countries economies and solve the plastics pollution problem but more need to be implemented. Currently, we have received a grant to purchase the machines we need but since we are students working through The Basement startup program at UCSD, our facilities are closed and are in need of space for our machines once they are acquired. We will allow for student involvement while pushing the education on sustainability and the environment around the UCSD community with your help. We have until April 15th to accept the grant once we have a location to work. A facility with the capabilities of already having 3D printers or any of the other machines mentioned would help us tremendously with moving the project along quicker, if not then just the space would be greatly appreciated.

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