A Christmas story we should tell more often, but don’t:

The Story of Stuff

It may not feature a spectacled 9-year old on a mission to get the Red Ryder BB gun, but this short film will also teach you something, make you laugh, and change the way you look at all the stuff in your life, forever.

Gather your loved ones and watch this fast-paced and fact-filled look at the underside of our consumption patterns. (storyofstuff.org)

3 tips for making this holiday season more meaningful to you and gentler on the planet:

  1. Give the gift of new experiences
  2. Embrace the value of a good DIY
  3. Go paperless and plastic-free

Some alternative gift ideas for:

The Foodie

Food tour of your city

Lower your carbon footprint by staying local.

(Check out FoodTourFinder)

Subscription to a digital food magazine

Viewing stunning culinary creations and articles on the latest food trends doesn’t have to involve tree-cutting! (Check out these e-zine recommendations curated by Say Daily, Vanity Fair, and Huffington Post)

The Happy Camper

DIY bug-repellent

With the help of this guide and some essential oils, you can create a toxin-free formula to protect against a variety of pesky bugs.

Upcycled gear

There are many great companies offering durable, leather-free equipment made from recycles materials!

The Artisan

Pottery workshop

Get their creative juices flowing while making one-of-a-kind dishware that can be reused over and over again!

Cooking class in their favorite cuisine

Using whole ingredients rather than pre-packaged meals prevents waste from entering landfills.


The Beauty Guru

‘Green spa’ treatment

Relax knowing that your patronage is supporting efforts to conserve resources and minimize chemicalpollution

Homemade body scrub

The microbeads in commercial beauty products are wreaking havoc on our oceans. Whip up some festive Gingerbread Sugar Scrub Cubes and pack them in a reusable jar instead!

The Animal Lover

Adopt a wild animal

There are more than 32 different wild animals you can adopt, from manatees to lynxes!

Trip to an animal sanctuary

Spend a day with rescued animals and treat your friend or family member to a delicious vegan meal!

The Coffee/Tea Drinker

Subscription to a fair trade, organic coffee club

There are many wonderful businesses dedicated to making sure their products are not only sustainably, but ethically-sourced.

Travel mug

Your favorite coffee/tea addict can drink in style with one of GOOD Magazine’s 8 Innovative & Reusable Mugs


Cheers to a mindful, healthy, and happy holiday season!