New Holiday Bus Partnership to Debut This Fall

Beginning this fall, Tufts is launching a partnership with MyBusHome, a small private company which contracts with major coach fleets to provide buses on major school breaks, thereby reducing the need for hundreds of parents to make individual trips to pick up their kids.

The pilot run for the program will occur in October over the Indigenous People’s Day long weekend. Destinations will include Albany, NY; Portland, ME; Philadelphia, PA; and New York, NY. These cities were chosen through an analysis of the demographics of the student body in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.

The partnership aims to fill gaps in availability, affordability, or convenience of mass transit options. The buses will have a lower carbon impact than if students were to be driven to and from school by their parents or guardians.

Buses are also scheduled for Thanksgiving, the winter break, and the spring break.

Tickets can be purchased at MyBusHome will be processing all payments, ticketing, and questions.


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