Happy Holidays


Dear Sustainability Partner,

We hope you had an excellent fall semester and are gearing up for a wonderful winter break. As we prepare to leave campus, our hearts are warm as we reflect on you and how you have helped build a more sustainable campus in 2016. Thank you for your daily dedication to sustainability. Whether you are practicing eco-friendly behaviors in your personal life, or you are working on projects that help Tufts advance its sustainability goals, we are grateful for the opportunity to work with you.

 Here are some of the things that we accomplished together this year:

  • 4,050 waste bins inventoried
  • 2,393 gallons of compost diverted from the landfill by the Eco-Reps
  • 2,248 new Facebook fans
  • 1,571 meatless meals eaten in the dining halls as part of the Meatless Mondays campaign
  • 719 pounds of food donated to Project Soup after move-out
  • 468 new Twitter followers
  • 249 residence hall rooms earned a Green Dorm Certification from the Eco-Reps
  • 200 reusable mugs sold in 2 months at The Rez as part of a Tisch Scholar Project
  • 143 new Instagram followers
  • 122 Commencement gowns recycled
  • 54 stories of students, faculty, and staff making Tufts a more sustainable campus in the Sustainability Progress Report
  • 30 blog posts written
  • 27 student class projects related to campus sustainability completed
  • 21 GreEco Reps
  • 19 Eco-Reps
  • 16.53 tons of clothing and household goods diverted from the landfill and donated to charity after move-out
  • 16 sustainability presentations to new hires
  • 14 buildings participated in the Boston Green Ribbon Commission’s lab energy benchmarking study
  • 13 new educational LEED signs added to 574 Boston Avenue
  • 13 recycling studies to prepare for the transition to mixed recycling
  • 12 Orientation Events attended to teach new students and faculty about sustainability
  • 11 students participated in ENVS 195-2: Sustainability In Action
  • 11 interns assisted with communications, green labs, and Eco-Reps
  • 9 offices earned a Green Office Certification
  • 9 employees became Eco-Ambassadors
  • 8 videos produced
  • 6 classes assisted with sustainability research and consulting
  • 6 new Google Maps providing information about sustainability stops and waste stations at Tufts
  • 3 zero-waste President’s Picnics
  • 1 new sustainability signage template created to identify sustainability initiatives across Tufts
  • 1 new Green Lab team including 22 people from 13 departments
  • 1 spring climate change symposium
  • 1 bold new climate commitment signed by President Monaco
  • Welcomed our new Education & Outreach Program Administrator, Shoshana Blank, and bid well wishes to Betsy Byrum

Thank you for working with us in 2016.


Wishing you a lovely holiday season and a happy new year,

Tina Woolston, Director
Shoshana Blank, Education & Outreach Program Administrator
Lauren Martin, Communications Specialist
Ashlyn Salvage, Eco-Rep Coordinator
Isabel Falls, Assistant Eco-Rep Coordinator
Juleen Wong, Communications Intern
Eujene Yum, Communications Intern
Caroline Ambros, Program Intern
Yao Wu, Green Labs Intern
Tori Wong, Recycling Communications Intern
& Kate Doherty, Supervisor, Facilities Services


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