It’s that time of the year again — Commencement is over and summer awaits. To celebrate, each year President Monaco hosts picnics on the Medford/Somerville, Boston, and Grafton campuses. As part of the annual tradition, the picnics will be zero waste, so we encourage you to bring your reusable dishware to keep the event environmentally-friendly.

Although recyclable utensils and compostable dishware will be available to use, it’s even better to bring your own (reusable) place setting (BYOP). Here’s why:

  1. When you BYOP, you help reduce overall waste from the event.

    Although it’s great to use the utensils and plates provided at the picnic, these items still require resources to be created and disposed of. When you bring reusables, you preserve resources and prevent waste from being generated.

  2. Your food won’t blow away.

    Reusables are much less likely to blow away since they are heavier and more durable. Bringing a glass or ceramic dish will keep food, dishes, cups, etc. grounded while you enjoy the picnic. Let’s face it — with so many delicious items on the menu, you’re going to want to enjoy every last bite.

  3. You can win a prize!

    To be eligible to win a prize at this year’s picnic, you’ll need to bring a complete reusable place setting. A complete place setting includes:

    • Reusable utensils
    • Reusable plate
    • Reusable cup, mug, or water bottle
    • Optional: A reusable bag to carry everything
    • Optional: A reusable napkin

Please do not bring disposable dishware to the picnic. Because this is a waste reduction initiative, unfortunately, those who bring disposable dishware will not be eligible to win prizes.

We’re giving away custom People Towels (reusable personal hand towels made from 100% Fair Trade certified organic cotton & printed with eco-friendly dyes) to the first 50 people who BYOP.

You can use People Towels instead of paper towels at work! For example, take them with you to the kitchen sink or bathroom to avoid using disposables.

Everyone who chooses to BYOP will be entered to win the grand prize: a reusable BBQ kit!

We hope to see you at the picnics!