Are you looking to gain some experience in the environmental field without leaving campus this fall? Look no further!

Apply to one of Tufts’ environmental offices in the back of Miller Hall!

Office of Sustainability
Recycling & Waste Reduction Communications Intern
Office Assistant; 8 hrs/wk; $11/hr
On-Call Recycling Worker
Laborer; .5-20 hrs/wk; $11/hr
Recycling Education and Verification Intern
Education Environmental; 6-8 hrs/wk; $11/hr
SMFA Eco-Rep
Education Environmental; 3-5 hrs/wk; $11/hr
Specialty Recycling Intern
Laborer; 6-10 hrs/wk; $11/hr
Zero-Waste Event Team Leader
Education/Administration; 6-10 hrs/wk; $12/hr
Zero-Waste Station Monitor
Laborer; 2-4 hrs/wk; $11/hr

Environmental Studies
Environmental Event Planner and Outreach Intern
Undergraduate; 2-4 hrs/wk 1-3 hrs/wk; $11/hr
Environmental Office Assistant
Work-study Undergraduate; 3-4 hrs/wk; $11/hr

Tufts Institute of the Environment
Environmental intern—Administration & Data Management
Office Assistant; 4-6 hrs/wk; $11-$13/hr
Environmental intern—Alumni & Partnership Engagement
Education Environmental; 8-10 hrs/wk; $11-$13/hr
Environmental intern—Communications & Outreach
Education Environmental; 8-10 hrs/wk; $11-$13/hr
Environmental intern—Film Club & Other Events
Education Environmental; 4-6 hrs/wk; $11-$13/hr
Environmental Intern—Graphic Design & Marketing
Education Environmenal; 1-3 hrs/wk; $11-$13/hr