Dispose your E-Waste the Right Way

Massachusetts has regulations in place that bans certain electronic waste (e-waste) from landfills. Surprisingly, e-waste makes up almost 70% of the trash found in dumpsters- even though most of it can be recycled!

Tufts University is constantly striving towards improving sustainability efforts on campus. The University has thus partnered with Allied Computer Brokers, Inc. to help students, faculty, and the community better recycle electronic waste. From small battery powered devices to cell phones, chargers, cables, and computer parts- get rid of your excess e-waste the right way.

Look out for the bins located all over the Medford, Boston, and Grafton campus. You can also refer to the Tufts Eco Map for accurate destinations. Faculty members can expedite the process by filling out a work order form and have it picked up.

Refer to the Facilities Services Recycling and Waste Management Page  for more details.

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    A humorous look at the not so funny e-waste problem. https://luprescott.myportfolio.com/factory-workers

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