Spring/Winter Solve Intern, MIT(Cambridge)

Solve is an initiative from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology aimed at developing and implementing real and lasting solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges, from education and health, to sustainability and economic sustainability. Solve is a membership community that brings together technologists and researchers, social entrepreneurs and business leaders, policymakers, change agents, and activists from across the globe to unearth and implement solutions to specific actionable challenges.

An internship with Solve is designed to provide individuals the opportunity to work in an exciting professional setting. Solve is a new initiative of MIT, and interns will get a front row seat to a start-up office culture within MIT. Solve interns will collaborate with Solve teams to create materials, develop content, and execute strategic outreach to a variety of audiences, including partners, members, students, and the general public. Interns have the opportunity to learn about the logistical aspects of the event production and programming, and will be responsible for data cleaning/management, member prospecting, research, social media, outreach, scheduling, speaker coordination, note-taking, and/or editing.
Notably, winter/spring interns will participate in the preparation and on-site execution of Solve’s flagship event in May, Solve at MIT.

For more information, visit their website.

Application Deadline: November 11
Applicants should send a résumé and 1 page cover letter to intern@solve.mit.edu​.