Various Positions, Post-Landfill Action Network (various locations)

PLAN is hiring for 3 full time positions. More information can be found on PLAN’s Careers page.

The Post-Landfill Action Network cultivates, educates, and inspires the student-led zero waste movement. We inform students about the waste crisis and equip them with the necessary skills and resources to implement solutions to waste in their campus communities. PLAN empowers our generation to be changemakers.

  • Hours Per Week:  Full-Time 40 hours/week (somewhat flexible) with occasional night-time, weekend, and overnight activities
  • Location: Most of the positions are location flexible (except the SZW Coordinator which must be based in Philadelphia, PA). We have hubs of staff working in Dover NH, Columbia SC, Boulder CO and Philadelphia PA.
  • Compensation: Salaried position starting at $30,000/annually. Available benefits include PTO throughout the year,  a designated electronics stipend, a monthly health insurance stipend, and annual cell phone plan. While travelling for PLAN-related events, employees will receive per-diem, and housing accommodation, while PLAN will be responsible for transportation-related expenses. For more information see our hiring policy.
  • Start Date: July 8th
  • Eligibility: Eligible applicants are recent college or university graduates with a passion for grassroots environmental issues, social entrepreneurship, and student leadership for positive social change. 

Application Deadline: Sunday, March 24th  (at 11:59 pm)


  1. toto365pro

    I really like how you incorporated the graphic novel element throughout the painting, having the comic panels as part of their clothing! Love it!

  2. sportstototvcom

    i’ve never wanted a happy ending for a pair on missedconnections more than now. i hope they find each other. and what book did you gleam inspiration from? the mini-illustrations on the boy and girl are adorable. is that a red lamb i see?

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