From job posting:

Clean Water Action and Clean Water Fund will be hiring a part-time Environmental Health & Justice Organizer in our Boston office to support the organizations’ Massachusetts campaigns to prevent harm to our health from toxic chemicals.

Clean Water Action is a national, grassroots environmental organization that works to protect the environment and safeguard public health, promote passage of strong environmental laws, and help communities address local environmental problems affecting them.  Clean Water Fund is a national research and education organization which promotes the public interest on issues related to water, waste, and toxics. Top issue priorities include: preventing harm to our health from toxic chemicals, reducing water pollution from storm water, promoting energy efficiency and clean energy, advocating for Zero Waste policies in the City of Boston, and holding our policymakers accountable.  Ensuring that those most affected by environmental degradation have a voice at the table, and that solutions to environmental problems contribute to broader goals of justice for all, are central goals in all campaigns.

This position is for 24 hours per week at $18-$21 per hour. Check out the original posting from July 15th.