The Fletcher School is in need of a GIS-proficient research assistant for remote support to a research project in Kenya. The research is an investigation of the wages of digital drivers in Nairobi, who will be recruited by hailing a digital taxi from a set of random coordinates, weighted by the concentration of drivers in different wards of Nairobi county. The research assistant will support the project by:

  1. Generating a list of random coordinates within wards in Nairobi county to facilitate sampling (August 2019) 
  2. Produce a map of the final sample distribution after the sampling period (likely October 2019)
  3. Potentially troubleshoot other GIS-issues that arise during the course of the project (through January 2019)

This role pays $15 per hour for up to 20 hours total with a guarantee of at least 10 hours of work. Interested candidates should send an introductory note to Julie Zollman detailing their availability and GIS experience.