Think you have what it takes to conduct cutting-edge research, then turn around and provide on-the-spot outreach when a kindergartner tugs on your pants and asks a hard question? Safely work in a highly dynamic and challenging natural landscape and also master hardware, software, and data in the office? You are a natural when it comes to logistical support? Feel comfortable coming face-to- face with bears, moose, and wolves? Prepared to walk long distances off trail, in thick brush, steep terrain, and blowing snow in July? If so, please apply for the Denali Park Geologist Apprentice position. The chosen candidate will be exposed to many mental and physical challenges and the reward that comes from mastering them.

The candidate will work closely with the Park Geologist on a wide range of emerging issues related to geoscience in parks. In particular the candidate will be immersed in geohazards inventory, mapping, and risk assessment and reduction. 

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