Mel King Institute Program Fellow, MACDC (Boston MA)

The Mel King Institute for Community Building is a program of MACDC that fosters vibrant and thriving Massachusetts communities by advancing the skills, knowledge and leadership ability of professional practitioners and volunteer leaders in the community development field. We leverage collaborative professional and educational partnerships that increase access, encourage innovation, build capacity in the community development field.  We are looking for a candidate with the desire to serve in a two‐year fellowship experience (Sept. 5, 2020 to Sept. 5, 2022) grounded in the Community Development field. The fellow will coordinate the training curriculum and serve as a liaison to the MKI network of students, practitioners, instructors, and program partners. The Program Fellow’s role will be to lead and staff the day‐to‐day operations of this professional education institute, which includes courses, coalitions, and programs like the MKI Certificate program.

To apply for the MKI two‐year fellowship, please complete a brief application and attach a resume, cover letter and letter of recommendation. $43,000 salary and $2,000 educational stipend upon completion of the fellowship.

Learn more and apply here.

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