Voiz trains Sustainability Analyst Interns to evaluate and rate the sustainability of products on behalf of consumers. They take in information about supply chains, packaging, labor treatment and water use, and then write fair-minded, incisive and relatable reviews. The experience is a combination of sustainability skills prep and advocacy. Collectively, the reviews form the independent voice of a new generation. It’s a voice that guides consumers to brands that show progress. It also holds corporations accountable when they could do better. We believe in giving people more of a say in sustainability. Consumers should have the knowledge to choose — and to ask that more be done.

The Voiz Sustainability Analyst Internship has new cohorts starting in March and June of 2021. It includes both an eight-week Sustainability Evaluation course and experience in evaluating products and writing reviews. Our approach is interactive and hands-on. In class you’ll explore how design choices like sourcing, materials, energy use and working conditions impact sustainability. You’ll put the concepts to work immediately — diving into reviews — and share the results with your peers in wide-ranging review sessions.