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Spanish-speaking Intern, Secure Fisheries (Broomfield, CO)

Secure Fisheries seeks a full-time Spanish-speaking fisheries science intern to help us scope a new project in Colombia promoting food and economic security through sustainable fisheries. The intern will conduct research on the sustainability of Colombian fisheries. The intern will create a bibliography of resources, and write a review paper of her/his findings. The intern will additionally create a summary of projects in Colombia, including but not limited to those led by non-governmental organizations, the government, and aid projects.

Internship would run 3-6 months with full or part time options available depending on candidate availabiltiy.


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(ENVS Lunch & Learn) New England Groundfish: A Story About Managing People

New England fisheries date back several centuries, with the iconic Atlantic cod playing a key role in our countries’ development. In the 1970’s, faced with declining fish stocks, Congress passed the Magnuson-Stevens Act to create sustainable fisheries that benefit our fishermen and our Nation. The Act created eight Fishery Management Councils made up of fishermen, along with state and federal managers to develop measures to manage fisheries within the legal requirements. The New England Council is responsible for developing a management plan for 13 groundfish species, including cod. The fishery is managed using a variety of tools, including catch limits, effort controls, and a catch share system. Despite being one of the most scrutinized and highly regulated fisheries in the world, several groundfish stocks including cod, are in extremely poor condition. A concoction of political, environmental, economic, and scientific factors has left cod and the fishing industry in peril, and fisheries management with few options. Brett’s presentation will cover the legal, scientific, and management process of New England groundfish, and highlight what has happened with Atlantic cod, and where the fishery might be headed.

Brett Alger is a Fishery Management Specialist for NOAA Fisheries in the Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office in Gloucester, MA, a region that extends from the Canadian border to North Carolina. He helps to manage commercial and recreational fisheries in Federal waters of the Atlantic Ocean, including developing policy, implementing management measures, and monitoring catch. Before coming to NOAA Fisheries six years ago, Brett earned a B.S. in Biology from Central Michigan University, an M.S in Fisheries Management and Science from Michigan State University, and worked for the United States Fish and Wildlife Service and several State agencies in the Midwest.


Every week during the academic year, the ENVS Lunch & Learn lecture series features speakers from government, industry, academia and non-profit organizations to give presentations on environmental topics. This is a great opportunity to broaden your knowledge beyond the curriculum, meet other faculty and students and network with the speakers.

Students, faculty, staff, and visitors are welcome to attend.

Food is generously sponsored by the Tufts Institute of the Environment.

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