About Us

LCS is the umbrella organization for community service at Tufts University. We are composed of 30 diverse programs that reflect the interests of the Tufts student body and serve the needs of the greater Boston community. These programs are run by 60 student leaders, who organize and train volunteers, schedule site visits, and work to expand the reach of their programming. For more information on our programs, look at How We Serve.

Our programming staff is supported by LCS’ directional staff. These 15 students serve as LCS’ administrative branch, providing services like creating a balanced budget, promoting LCS events, and sending out our weekly newsletter. Directional staff also work with the programming staff to reach volunteers, connect with new community partners, and provide support if an issue arises. For a full list of the positions on our directional staff and our current officers, check out Who We Are.

Though LCS is completely student-run, we wouldn’t be anywhere without our Faculty and Staff Advisory Board. The advisory board meets once per month with the LCS executives to discuss the state of our programs and upcoming events.

Last year, over 1,000 student volunteers performed more than 5,000 hours of community service, making LCS the largest student organization at Tufts University. However, we started from humbler beginnings, when a dedicated corps of Tufts students started visiting children at a local mental hospital. Check out our history to learn more about our origins!