Directional Staff

The LCS D-Staff serves as the behind the scenes logistical arm of LCS.  Their responsibilities include keeping in touch with LCS alumni, managing the budget for each of our programs, coordinating volunteer transportation and connecting with faculty and staff.

Skyler Bast: Co-President

Zach Flicker: Co-President

Justin Rheingold: President Emeritus

Gemma Stern: President Emeritus

Jenn Straitz: Office Assistant

Grace Whittom: Greek Life/Athletics Liaison

Tara Mount: Faculty/Staff Liaison

Joey Chun-Yi Cheung: Publicity

Sara Taxman: Publicity

Nimarta Narang: Secretary

Keri Golembeski: President Emeritus

Alli Jorgensen: President Emeritus

Mark Vukich: Legal Coordinator

Barbara Storch: Webmaster