Our 30 student-run programs are proud to serve the Tufts host communities of Medford, Somerville, and Chinatown. Whether you’re interested in delivering food to soup kitchens, teaching sexual health in local high schools, or making a meaningful connection to an Alzheimer’s patient, LCS has something for you!


Animal Aid walks dogs in the community and helps out at local pet shelters.    Contact Ben Stergiou and Molly Chirunomula at LCSAnimalAid@gmail.com.

Blood Drive  coordinates three Red Cross blood drives on campus each year.  Contact Ashley Seenauth and Zaid Quereishi at LCS.BloodDrive@gmail.com.

Cancer Outreach promotes advocacy and fundraising initiatives on campus, and visits cancer patients at the local Hope Lodge. Contact Katie Galasso and JonFranco Barretto at CancerOutreach@gmail.com.

HIV/AIDS Initiative works at local HIV/AIDS organizations and organizes events to spread awareness and inspire discussion of HIV/AIDS-related issues.  Contact Julia Rodgers and Lee Varhade at LCS.HIVAIDSInitiative@gmail.com.

Hospital Visits helps connect students with patient volunteer opportunities at Tufts Medical Center.  Contact Shayna Schor at HospitalVisits.LCS@gmail.com.

Peer Health Exchange trains college students to teach about specific health issues at Boston area public high schools.  Contact Nathaniel Matthews and Jasmine Bland at Tufts@peerhealthexchange.org.

Sex Talk works to generate a safe, comfortable campus-wide dialogue on sexual health.  Contact Quentin Lott or Jen Wang at LCSxtalk@gmail.com



Food Rescue picks up leftover food from local grocery stores and drops it off at local homeless shelters and soup kitchens. Contact Josh Malkin, Shayna Schor, and Sean Fernald at LCSFoodRescue@gmail.com

Habitat for Humanity builds, paints, and fixes up low-income housing, in the area.  Contact Yiota Kastritis at LCSHabitat@gmail.com

Hunger Project serves at Boston area food pantries and soup kitchens.   Contact Emily Steliotes, Selva Marroquin, San Tran and Pat Oungpasuk at LCSHungerProject@gmail.com

Project Linus, a new LCS program, makes blankets to deliver to children hospitalized with serious illnesses, giving them a sense of warmth and security. Contact Caitlyn Lahousse and Corinne Zahlis at tuftslcsprojectlinus@gmail.com

Shelters volunteers at local sites for the hungry and homeless, and works to spread awareness about related issues.  Contact Julia Wedgle at LCS.Shelters@gmail.com. Interested in taking on a leadership role? Shelters has positions open! Check out our page for more info!



ESL teaches English to custodial staff at Tufts. Contact Samantha Stone, Anna Daren, Victoria Oliva or Linda Jiang at TuftsESL.LCS@gmail.com

Junior Achievement teaches kids in grades K-6 about basic economic and business principles.  Contact Reid Spagna and Michael Dillon at JuniorAchievementLCS@gmail.com

Kids to College (Spring only) motivates local 6th graders about the importance of college, and brings them to campus for a visit. Contact Priyanka Kancherla at LCS.KidstoCollege@gmail.com

Let’s Get Ready (LGR) (LGR) provides free SAT prep to underprivileged students in Medford and Somerville.  For more information, contact Shayna and Zach at LCSExecutives@gmail.com.

Tutoring (On Campus) pairs Tufts students with local students grades K-12 for one-on-one weekly tutoring sessions in a specific subject. Contact Lauren Schonberger and Sophie Savelkouls at lcs.tutor@gmail.com

Homework Helpers (Off Campus – coming Spring 2013) sends Tufts students to the local Somerville Library to provide workshop-like homework help to local middle and high school students. Contact Lauren Schonberger and Sophie Savelkouls at lcs.tutor@gmail.com



Best Buddies pairs college students with adults who have mild to moderate intellectual disabilities to meet weekly and form meaningful friendships.  Contact Olivia DelloStritto at LCS.BestBuddies@gmail.com.

Play Pals (Previously known as CHILD) provides a program of games and swimming for local physically and/or mentally challenged children.    Contact Brooke Schuman and Leah Cohen at LCSPlayPals@gmail.com.

Elderly Outreach brings youthful activities, music, movies, magic and entertainment to the elderly at local nursing homes. Contact Noha Ahmed and Tommy Atmer at LCS.ElderlyOutreach@gmail.com

Special Olympics coaches Special Olympics athletes, raises funds and volunteers at events. Contact Sharon Pang and Bethanne Goldman at LCS.SpecialOlympics@gmail.com.



All Stars runs after-school programs in Somerville playing sports and games with elementary school children.  Contact Jessica Serventi-Gleeson and Elizabeth Shereff at LCSAllStars@gmail.com.

Big Brothers Big Sisters pairs responsible college role models with younger children in need of mentors. Contact Anique Singer at TuftsBBBS@gmail.com.

Boys and Girls Club works with children at the local Boys and Girls Club helping students with homework and participating in various activities.  Contact Mary Beech at LCS.BoysAndGirlsClub@gmail.com.

Cooperative Peace Games runs an after-school program at local elementary schools using a curriculum based on cooperation and conflict resolution.  Contact Rachel Bloom, Hafsa Chaudhry, Ana Grammatica and Louisa Glor at LCS.PeaceGames@gmail.com.

Girl Scouts volunteers with local Girl Scout troops to host different scouting activities on campus and in the community.  Contact Kathy Shield and Elizabeth Maloney at GirlScoutsLCS@gmail.com for more information.

Halloween on the Hill (Fall only) brings children from Medford and Somerville to campus to celebrate this fun holiday with Tufts students.  Contact Nicole Byer and Alexis Donnaruma at Halloween.Hill@gmail.com.

Kids’ Day (Spring only) sponsors a fun-filled day for local children including games, rides, booths, shows, and other entertainment! Contact Nicole Byer, Amelia Rapisarda and Alexis Donnaruma at LCSKidsDay@gmail.com.

Soccer Stars, a new program beginning Spring 2013, is a partnership with Somerville Youth Soccer League that will provide an opportunity to coach recreational youth soccer teams in Somerville and surrounding towns. Contact Ali Silverstein and Kenny Cohen at lcssoccerstars@gmail.com for more information.

Strong Women Strong Girls sends Tufts women into Somerville and Medford schools to help girls empower themselves through teaching lessons learned from strong women throughout history. Contact Enxhi Popa and Laurel Starr at tufts@swsg.org for more information.

Special Friends pairs Tufts students with children at the Tufts Educational Day Care Center where they read, play, draw and spend time together.  Contact Gillian Leitch and Simonne Dubois at SpecialFriends.LCS@gmail.com.

Traveling Treasure Trunk combines community service and theater by performing for children at local hospitals, day care centers and schools.  Contact Ian Braddy and Jojo Rahamim at TuftsTrunk@gmail.com.


Do you have an idea for a program? Tell us about it! Send an email to LCSExecutives@gmail.com.


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