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LCS is the umbrella organization for community service at Tufts University.  Each year, over 1,000 Tufts students join us in service in Medford, Somerville and Boston. LCS also organizes charitable social events, alumni networking nights, and community days for our neighbors.  Check out our home page to see upcoming LCS and community events!

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Do you have an idea for a program? Tell us about it and we’ll help you get it started! Send an email to LCSExecutives@gmail.com.

LCS Student Board

LCS is the largest student-run organization on campus.  With over 85 student leaders in total, our board consists of a Directional Staff of 15, a Programming Staff of 70, and 2 Executive Co-Presidents.  LCS also appreciates the input of our Faculty/Staff Advisory Board who meet with the Co-Presidents on a monthly basis.  To better understand how each branch functions, click on this map of our student board:

Co-Presidents Keri Golembeski and Alli Jorgensen

Keri is a sophomore from Chicago, IL, majoring in quantitative economics. She first became involved with LCS last fall as a co-coordinator for Food Rescue on P-Staff, and became Transportation Coordinator on D-Staff this fall. Keri is also a member of the Tufts Swimming and Diving Team as a sprint freestylist. In the upcoming year, Keri hopes to involve more students on all campuses, alumni, and community members with LCS.

Alli is a sophomore from Farmington, CT. She is a biopsychology major. She has been involved with LCS as Publicity Chair on D-Staff since last spring. In addition to LCS, she is a member of Chi Omega sorority and is an avid runner. As an LCS Executive, Alli hopes to increase LCS’s presence on campus and in all Tufts host communities.

As the LCS executives, Keri and Alli work together with our programming and directional staffs as well as our faculty/staff board to ensure that LCS is having as positive an impact on Tufts’ host communities as possible.  By networking with local leaders, staying up to date on the community’s most pressing needs, organizing our two semi-annual fundraisers, and continually supporting our over 1,000 program volunteers and leaders, Keri and Alli work to foster the innate Tufts passion for active citizenship.

Keri and Alli can be reached at LCSExecutives@gmail.com


Senior Advisors/President Emeritus Amy Straus, Shayna Schor, and Zach Michel

Zach Michel is a junior from Lincoln, MA majoring in biopsychology. He was first introduced to LCS through the Freshman Orientation for Community Service (FOCUS). The following year, Zach helped revitalize LCS’ Elderly Outreach program. He is incredibly excited to assume this new leadership role within LCS. On campus, Zach is involved with Tufts Hillel and works in a laboratory in the biology department. Zach hopes to continue raising awareness of LCS on and off campus and to help LCS programs reach more people in need.

Shayna Schor is a junior from Millburn, NJ majoring in political science. Her FOCUS experience inspired her to become involved with LCS’ directional board. As publicity chair, Shayna played an instrumental role in advertising LCS events to Tufts students. She also helped plan LCS’ fall-semester fundraiser. Aside from LCS, Shayna writes for the Tufts Observer and serves on the board of Tufts Friends of Israel. As co-president, Shayna looks forward to personally building on the meaningful volunteer experiences that LCS offers, and helping Tufts students to become more familiar with our mission and opportunities.


Community Relations Co-Chairs Becky Herzberg and Sharon Lam

Rebecca Herzberg is a member of the Class of 2014 from Cherry Hill, NJ. She is double majoring in Child Development and Economics with a minor in Entrepreneurial Leadership Studies. On campus, Rebecca can be found tutoring through LCS, greeting in the Admissions Office, as a buddy at Tufts Hillel for a young adult in the community with special needs, and baking and selling challah through a program called Challah for Hunger in conjunction with Hillel. This is  her third year on D-Staff, and she can’t wait to continue giving back to the community!

Treasurer Justina Wong and Assistant Treasurers Brandon Chan and Gemma Stern


Gemma is a freshman from Westchester, NY and currently an undecided major. She has been involved in LCS since she stepped foot on Tufts’ campus, starting with her participation in FOCUS (LCS’s community service pre-orientation program). Aside from LCS, Gemma is involved in planning Tufts’ annual Relay for Life and greeting in the Admissions Office. LCS has been a huge part of Gemma’s Tufts experience and she can’t wait to continue being involved in such a great organization!

The treasurers can be reached at treasury.lcs@gmail.com


 Faculty-Staff Liaison Brent Abel

Brent is a member of the class of 2013 and is double-majoring in Biology and Community Health. He has been involved in LCS’s Freshman Orientation Community Service (FOCUS) program, and loves to volunteer at soup kitchens through LCS’s Hunger Project. Other than LCS, he is involved with the Tufts Culinary Society and serves as an Academic and Community Engagement (ACE) Fellow for first-year students.


Office Assistant Jenn Straitz

Jenn Straitz is a member of the Class of 2015 planning to major in International Relations and minor in Arabic.  She grew up in the town of Sykesville, MD where she developed a love of photography and travel.  In addition to serving on the Directional Staff of LCS, Jennifer is involved in the FOCUS community service pre-orientation program, is a member of the Institute for Global Leadership through the EPIIC 1213: Global Health and Security class, plays bass clarinet in the University Wind Ensemble, and can be seen giving tours of campus on Friday afternoons.  She was also a fellow with the Compass Fellowship, an all-freshman social entrepreneurship society.  In her spare time, she enjoys learning about the education system of the United States, reading poetry, and exploring the many great places Boston has to offer with friends.

Alumni Relations Coordinator Qiu Ruan

Qiu Ruan is a member of the class of 2014 from Boston majoring in Biochemistry. She has been active with community service since high school and wants to continue to give back to the community through LCS. As the Alumni Relations Coordinator, she is responsible for writing the Alumni Newsletter each year and planning the alumni networking night with Career Services in the spring semester. Outside of LCS, she does research at the Sackler School of Biomedical Science.


Co-Secretaries Naika C. Pierre and Joey Cheung

Naika C. Pierre is a member of the class of 2014 from Brockton, MA and is double majoring in International Relations and Chinese. She has been involved with LCS since freshman year through LCS Kids’ Day and Halloween on the Hill. In addition to LCS, Naika has been involved with Tufts’ Sustainable Energy Access for Haiti (SEAH) and the I-Center Intercultural Conversation Program (ICP). LCS and community service have become a major part of Naika’s daily life at Tufts and she looks forward to continuing to contribute to such an amazing organization.

Joey Cheung is an international student from Hong Kong and Beijing and is a freshman planning on double majoring in International Relations and Psychology. She has been active in community service through Habitat for Humanity and tutoring for as long as she can remember, and is continuing her work through LCS. As Secretary, she is responsible for the weekly newsletters and coordinating the elist. Otherwise, she can be found outside of LCS tutoring, playing cards with her Little Sister, blogging for Tufts admissions or giving campus tours.

Greek Liaison Adam Zuckerman

Adam Zuckerman is a junior majoring in political science expecting minors in economics and entrepreneurial leadership studies.  He first became involved with LCS as the co-publicity director in the Spring of 2012.  After returning from studying abroad in the fall of 2012, he resumed his role as publicity director and is in charge of overseeing publicity for all LCS events.  Adam also created the position of greek liaison on D-staff to provide the greek community with assistance organizing philanthropy events as well as help increase participation in philanthropic events already taking place on campus. As he is a brother in Theta Delta Chi (known as 123 on campus), he is well placed to mobilize the greek community.  Adam is also a member of the Tufts Rugby Team.

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