Food Rescue

About Us

Tufts Food Rescue works to create and ensure food security in the local communities (Somerville and Medford) surrounding Tufts. We run a food collection network involving numerous donors and recipients, ranging from farmers markets and grocery stores to homeless shelters and food pantries. We collect food that would otherwise be thrown away  (despite its good condition) and deliver it to our partner recipients. These recipients in turn provide individuals and households in need with fresh options as a supplement as a complement to the low nutrient high calorie diet characteristic of low-income diets.

We work closely with the Somerville Homeless Coalition to maximize our impact and respond to the changing needs of the community. We have modeled our program after the successful Food for Free organization founded in Cambridge.

Current Volunteer Opportunities ~ Get Involved!

Become a green-thumbed hero and start volunteering with Food Rescue! To sign up to become a food rescue volunteer, ask questions, or simply gain more information, please contact Jeremy, Shayna, Sean, or Sam at