Hospital Visits

The Hospital Visits Program allows a volunteer to interact with patients and help improve the patient’s hospital experience in ways that really make a difference.  Our mission is to help students build the important skills of interpersonal communication and compassion that are critical in today’s health care system.

If you are interested, please follow these steps:

1. Read the attached information about the Patient Visitor Program so you understand what volunteers will be doing.

2. Go to and complete the online TMC volunteer application.

3. Follow up your application with an email to Dan Bird, Director of Volunteers at Copy Stephanie Ripley ( and have your subject line read: Tufts Students Applying to Volunteer.

On the application, you will indicate the times you are free to volunteer.  The highest need is on weekday mornings, followed by weekday afternoons and evenings, and finally weekends.

This is an important commitment so please do not accept a position unless you can make that commitment. The value of the volunteer to patients and staff is increased with continuity (priority will be given to students who can commit for a full school year) and a respectful attitude, so please consider this before you pursue the opportunity.


For more information or questions about this program, please contact Shayna Schor and Zach Michel at