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Every spring we run a program informing local middle school students of the importance of a college education. We encourage them to start thinking proactively about the application process so that they may invest time in their studies and interests to become an ideal applicant. After five weekly visits, the students visit the Tufts campus for an ultimate tour of Tufts. They love to participate in a scavenger hunt, flood the dining halls, talk to professors, and interact with Tufts students. By engaging them both at their school and here on campus, we hope to motivate them to invest in their studies and begin to think about pursuing a college degree. This year, we hope to expand our program to include all middle school students and hold a Science Open House at each school, where both students and parents would be invited to participate in an interactive, fun approach to science. This fall’s efforts will focus on volunteer training and the Open House, while the spring’s efforts will focus on visiting the local schools and the campus visit. Kids to College is always looking for volunteers!

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