Each year the Tufts Literacy Corps recruits 75 to 100 student members to visit six schools and four after school programs in Medford and Somerville . Our mission is to help all children succeed in school, discover what they love to do and gain a lifelong zest for learning.

Tutoring Sessions:
Although every TLC tutoring session is uniquely tailored to the academic needs and learning styles of each individual child, these sessions all share a few common elements. Every child has the undivided attention of a tutor who is committed to working with him or her throughout the academic year (roughly from October through April). Tutors begin their sessions with a few minutes to catch up with the children before launching into the hour’s work. This typically includes several engaging activities and moves at a pace that works well for the child.

Do College Student Tutors Make a Difference?
Absolutely – when they are part of a coherent supervisory program. Each year our reading tutors administer a pre- and post-tutoring assessment. The results show that from October through April, 93% to 97% of their young students progress by at least one reading grade level. Fifty-two percent gain two years or more during the seven-month tutoring year. Our conclusion? When TLC tutors join teachers and parents in children’s education, the children benefit enormously.