Muslim Living at Tufts

Local Information

Below is some information about the accomodations for Muslim students at Tufts. You may also find more detailed information in our Muslim’s Guide to Tufts (outdated, but still relevant and informative!).

Shi’a Services

Local Masjids


Meal Accomodations for Muslim Students

Muslim students on campus receive a couple of privileges from the Tufts Dining Facilities: Halal Meat and the Ramadan Meal Plan. We encourage you to look into these options so that Muslim students may continue to enjoy these accommodations for years to come.

Halal Meat

As of 2007, alhamdulillah, halal meat has been available on selected days at Dewick Dining Hall. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday night, at 7:30pm, cooked halal meat is available at Dewick Dining Hall. Please approach the staff at the carvery to make a request. Halal hot dogs and hamburgers are usually available every day.


Muslim House

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The Muslim House, located at 176 Curtis Street beginning in the fall of 2003, offers both Muslims and non-Muslim undergraduates the opportunity to live in a friendly, diverse environment. It provides one the opportunity to enhance their cultural experience while creating new friendships and participating in several social events. The Muslim House is a space where Muslims feel comfortable to fulfill their religious obligations. Spontaneous jamat prayers at a readily available prayer area, and fajr wake-up calls  are some of the conveniences of living at the Muslim House. The Muslim House consists of three floors, with one designated for women. Each floor has a full kitchen and at least one bathroom. The M House is also a central location for MSA activity.

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Interfaith Center


The Tufts University Interfaith Center (IFC), located at the corner of Winthrop St and Boston Avenue, is primarily a neutral worship space as it allows no wall hangings. It houses the offices of the Catholic, Muslim and Protestant Chaplains. The Interfaith Center is used for Friday jummah, iftars, Eid celebration and other special events. The IFC is conveniently located a 2 minute walk away from the Muslim House. If you have any questions, please contact the Chaplain’s Office at 617-627-03427.

Prayer Area


The following locations to pray are designated all over Tufts

  • Muslim House: 176 Curtis Street
  • Goddard Chappel
  • Interfaith Center 58 Winthrop Street


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