Tufts Halaqa

Tufts Halaqa – Spring Series

Time: Thursday 6-6:55pm, February 12th- March 5th

Place: Mayer Campus Center, Room 203, Upper Conference Room

Theme:  How Qur’anic Stories Illuminate the Foundations of Islamic Piety

The stories in the Qur’an illustrate essential facets of Islamic character and pious disposition.  In this four week study series, we will explore some of these facets vis-à-vis select Qur’anic passages. The sessions include guided study and discussion and are geared to those aiming to expand their Islamic learning and develop further the virtues and dispositions under study; all are welcome to attend any or all of the sessions. A light diner is provided.

February 12th: Human Nature and Ikhlāṣ: al-ḥijr 15:26-48

February 19th: Conviction and ImānHūd 11:25-34

February 26th: Worship and ʿAubūdiaMarīam 19:41-50

March 5th: Adversity and Niʿamah: Ṣād 38:30-44

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