Auburn University

Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine is the seventh oldest college of veterinary medicine in North America and was the first in the southeastern United States. Alumni live throughout all 50 states and many nations.  Their mission is to prepare individuals for careers of excellence in veterinary medicine, including private and public practice, industrial medicine, academics, and research. The College provides programs of instruction, research, outreach, and service that are in the best interests of the citizens of the state of Alabama, the region, the nation, and the world.

GPA (minimum)
3.0 (Out of State Students)
2.5 (Alabama / SREB Students)
All required courses must have a grade of C- or better

GRE (required)

Veterinary Experience (minimum)
400 – 500 Hours

Letters of Recommendations (3)
Employer / Another Veterinarian
Professor / Advisor

Course Requirements (SHUs)
Written Composition (6)
Humanities & Fine Arts (12)
Literature (3)
6 SHU sequence is required in either literature or history
Fine Arts (3)
Electives in Either (6)
Humanities include literature, philosophy, religious studies, speech, and foreign languages
Fine Arts include art, music, theatre, and dance with an emphasis on
history and appreciation (rather than performance)
History & Social & Behavioral Science (12)
History (3)
6 SHU sequence is required in either literature or history
Social & Behavioral Science Electives (9)
Social & Behavioral Sciences include history, anthropology, economics,
geography, political science, psychology, and sociology
Mathematics (3)
Pre-Calculus / Trigonometry or Higher (3)
Biological & Physical Sciences (41)
Principles of Biology with Lab (8)
Fundamentals of Chemistry with Lab (8)
Organic Chemistry with Lab (8)
Physics I (4)
Cell Biology (3)
Goes beyond an introductory biology course; focuses on the molecular
biology of cells, membranes, cytoplasm, and organelles as well as
energy, transport, motility, cell division, signaling, transcription, and
Biochemistry (3)
Animal Nutrition (3)
May be taken as an online or correspondence course; must cover large
& small animals as well as monogastric & ruminant species
2+ Electives (6+)
Comparative Anatomy (3)
Genetics (3)
Embryology (3)
Mammalian / Animal Physiology (3)
Microbiology (3)
Physics II (3)
Histology (3)
Reproductive Physiology (3)
Parasitology (3)
Immunology (3)

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