Executive Board Members 2020

Please welcome our new board for 2020! Feel free to contact anyone with questions!


President- Sarah Lok (2022)

Sarah is a sophomore double majoring in biology and Science, Technology, and Society (STS). She is from Palo Alto, California and has two pet dogs, Skye and Harpo. She has been horseback riding all her life and wants to be an equine vet. Her favorite animal is a mountain goat.


Vice President- Anna Huddart (2022)

Anna is a sophomore majoring in biology and minoring in Spanish. She’s from Connecticut and has a dog named Troy. She’s not sure what kind of vet medicine she wants to go into yet, but she is a vet tech at an ER in CT. Her favorite animal is a cheetah.


Secretary- Iffat Nawsheen (2022)

Iffat is a sophomore majoring in biology. She wants to be a wildlife veterinarian. She is from Florida, where she has a pet cat named Pluto. Her favorite animal is the domestic house cat.


Treasurer- Aesha Desai (2022)

Aesha is a sophomore from North Carolina double majoring in biopsychology and Spanish. She wants to be a veterinary surgeon that specializes in small animals and exotics. She has a dog named Sammy and her favorite animal is a dolphin.


Treasurer- Massimo Modica

Massimo is a first-year majoring in biology. He is from Scotch Plains, New Jersey, where he has a French bulldog named Leo. He wants to be a wildlife veterinarian and work with conservation efforts. His favorite animal is a cheetah and an interesting fact about him is that he has a fossil collection.


Media Chair- Abby Kaplan (2022)

Abby is a sophomore majoring in biopsychology. She is from Rhode Island and has two dogs, Pogo and Rhody. She is interested in small animal medicine and One Health. She has two dogs, Pogo and Rhody. Her favorite animal is a penguin.