Executive Board Members

Please welcome our new board for 2019! Feel free to contact anyone with questions!

Michelle Kwon (2020)

Michelle is a junior majoring in biopsychology. She wants to pursue a career in small animal medicine and specialize in oncology. She has a pet yorkiepoo named Rosie and a third-degree black belt in sword-fighting martial arts (Kendo).


Vice President
Fannie Sheinman (2020)

Fannie is a junior double majoring in English and child development.  She is most interested in surgery and wildlife medicine.  She has a mutt named Allie who is eight years old and rabbit back home in New York named Nellie who is nine years old.  Her favorite animal a tiger.

TJ Robins (2020)

TJ is a junior double majoring in biology and anthropology.  She wants to study animal behavior in primates (primatology) by going into large animal or zoological medicine.  She is from Canada and her favorite animal is a horse.

Aesha Desai (2022)

Aesha is a freshman considering double majoring in biopsychology and Spanish. She wants to be a veterinary surgeon specializing in small animals and exotics. Her favorite animals are bottlenose dolphins and whale sharks.

Treasurer in Training
Chelsey Patch (2022)

Chelsey is a freshman majoring in biology. She is interested in large animal medicine and she loves to ski. She has two pet cats back at home in New Hampshire.

Event Coordinator
Ellie Cohn (2021)

Ellie is a sophomore majoring in biopsychology. She is from Chapel Hill, North Carolina and has a dog named Libby as well as six chickens. She is interested in small animal companion medicine and conservation medicine.

Assistant Event Coordinator
Iffat Nawsheen (2022)

Iffat is a freshman majoring in biology. She wants to be a wildlife veterinarian. She is from Florida, where she currently has a pet cat named Pluto. Her favorite animal is the domestic house cat.

Clinical Experience Coordinator
Sarah Lok (2022)

Sarah is a freshman double majoring in biopsychology and math. She is from Palo Alto, California and grew up with a variety of animals including dogs, fish, and birds. She currently has two pet dogs, Skye and Harpo. She has been horseback riding all her life and wants to be an equine vet.

Abby Kaplan (2022)

Abby is a freshman majoring in biology. She is from Rhode Island and has two dogs, Pogo and Rhody. She is interested in small animal medicine and One Health. Her favorite animal is a penguin.

Outreach Coordinator
Allie Sheinman (2020)

Allie is starting her second year at Tufts. She has not yet decided a major.  She likes to hang out with people and rabbits. She has a sister and best friend, Nellie, who is a rabbit.  She is not focused on becoming a veterinarian, as she is more interested in food.

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