Executive Board Members 2021

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President- Sarah Lok (2022)

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Sarah is a senior studying Biology and Philosophy. She is from Palo Alto, California and has two pet dogs, Skye and Harpo. She has been horseback riding all her life and is interested in equine or wildlife medicine. She works as a vet tech at Veterinary Emergency Group and does research in stem cell biology, avian cognition, and endocrinology/ecology. Her favorite animal is a mountain goat.

Vice President- Anna Huddart (2022)

Anna is a senior majoring in biology and minoring in Spanish. She’s from Connecticut and has a dog named Troy. She’s not sure what kind of veterinary medicine she wants to go into, but she is thinking either small animal surgery or zoology and conservation. She is a vet tech at an ER in CT. She has also done an internship with a wildlife vet working with cheetahs in South Africa. This summer, she studied European Biodiversity abroad in Copenhagen. Her favorite animal is a cheetah.

Secretary- Iffat Nawsheen (2022)

Iffat is a senior majoring in biology. She is super interested in conservation and exotics vet med. She is from Florida, where she has a pet cat named Pluto. She has been a surgery vet tech for 2 summers and also walks a dog for Animal Aid. She also researches in the Reed lab. Her favorite animal is the domestic house cat.

Treasurer- Aesha Desai (2022)

Aesha is a senior from North Carolina double majoring in biopsychology and Spanish. She wants to be a veterinary surgeon that specializes in small animals and exotics. She has a dog named Sammy. She has shadowed a couple vets back home and has done research with pigeons at the comparative cognition lab at Tufts. She also has worked as a kennel tech. Her favorite animal is a dolphin.

Treasurer- Massimo Modica (2023)

Massimo is a junior majoring in biology from New Jersey. He has a French bulldog named Leo. Some of his vet med interests include wildlife, radiology, dentistry, and surgery, but is open to learning about everything! He has shadowed at a GP, attended Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine’s own Adventures in Veterinary Medicine, and participated in a Careers in Conservation summer program at the Central Park Zoo. He interned at a mammal training and care intern at the Long Island Aquarium. His favorite animal is a cheetah.

Media Chair- Abby Kaplan (2022)

Abby is a senior majoring in biopsychology. She is from Rhode Island and has two dogs, Pogo and Rhody. She is interested in small animal medicine also potentially specializing in preventive medicine or small animal surgery. She has volunteered at a small animal hospital where she has shadowed appointments, surgeries, and dental procedures. She also has volunteered at a historical farm museum with heritage breed animals and helped with the enrichment of reptiles and amphibians at the Audubon society. At Tufts, she researches honeybee nutrition in the Starks Lab. Her favorite animal is a penguin.

Webmaster – Laurelle Sum (2024)

Laurelle is a sophomore majoring in biopsychology and possibly minoring in philosophy. She is from Hong Kong / New York and has two dogs, Toodie and Mochi. She is interested in small animal medicine and shelter medicine. She has volunteered at local rescues and adoption events throughout high school, and has shadowed at a small animal hospital in her town. Her favorite animal is a seal.

Event Coordinator – Keertti Sinnan (2024)

Keertti is a sophomore studying biology and minoring in education. She is from Long Island, NY and she is interested in small animal surgery, ophthalmology, and One Health. She has one dog named Hutch. She has worked as a barn intern at HorseAbility and did an externship at a specialty animal hospital over the summer. Her favorite animal is a stingray.

Event Coordinator – Sherry Xu (2024)

Sherry is a sophomore studying biochemistry. She is from Shanghai and Boston. She has two corgis named Coco and Nut. She is interested in small animal medicine and dentistry. For one summer, she went to Thailand for a veterinary service trip and got to work with dogs, cats, and elephants! Her favorite animals are elephants and dogs.

Secretary-In-Training – Katie Meserve (2024)

Katie is a sophomore studying biology and minoring in studio art. She is from Hopkinton, New Hampshire and is interested in small animal, surgery, and small animal dentistry. She works as a vet tech at a small animal clinic. She likes to paint pet portraits! Her favorite animal is a shark.