Cheers! – Creating an impactful wedding toast

We’ve all been to one of THOSE weddings.  One where a groomsmen, bridesmaid, friend, or family member, stands up with the mic and the best of intentions, cracks a few jokes and…crickets…blank stares…and the wedding couple silently praying for it to be over.  How can this be avoided? What goes into a great wedding speech?  Here is some advice to help ensure that your speech creates a beautiful, memorable moment.

  • First and foremost be yourself.  The happy couple asked you to speak as you are, not someone else. Don’t copy other speeches you’ve heard as it will seem inauthentic.  
  • Take some time to think about how you met the couple and how the couple met each other. Speak about their history and how their experiences have laid the foundation for to a happy life together.  
  • Keep it short and sweet. The best toasts get to the point so the party can keep going.  
  • Rehearse, notes are ok but the best speeches come from the heart. Do your best to not read word for word. Speak to the guests directly as if you’re having a conversation with them. 
  • Remember families of the couple are present. Leave any excessively wild memories to girls or boys night out where they’ll be appreciated. The goal isn’t to humiliate the couple. Jokes are great just make sure they are appropriate for the occasion and always tie them back into how happy the couple are together and how much better off they are with each other.  
  • Remember, a glass of wine before can take the edge off, but a bottle can spell disaster.

It’s customary to have the maid of honor, best man, and the parents of the couple give a toast or say a few words.  Having a DJ or event planner present helps keep the timeline on track and prevents any “surprise toasts.”  To get quotes and memories from wedding guests, informal videos can be recorded throughout the event to be enjoyed after the honeymoon.  And remember to have fun, it’s a celebration after all!!