Tips for a Tasteful Tasting

The tasting is a very important part of your wedding planning and it’s one of the most enjoyable aspects of the entire wedding planning process. The caterer’s tasting may or may not include tasting the wedding cake. If your wedding cake is being provided by an outside source you may need to schedule the cake tasting separately. If you haven’t attended a tasting before, you may not know what to expect. Although every caterer has slightly different tasting policies, it’s customary to observe some basic rules of etiquette. These tips will also help ensure that you get the most out of your sampling experience so you can make your final menu selections with confidence.

  1. Keep it Cozy. Don’t try to take too many people with you to your tasting appointment. This is more for your benefit than anything, too many opinions can lead to confusion and add unnecessary stress to your menu planning experience. Limiting attendance to only the wedding couple for the tasting is considered courteous and is the policy of many caterers. Often the cost of the tasting for the wedding couple is included in the caterer’s fee and there may be additional charges if you chose to bring others along. Be sure to clarify in advance to avoid any surprises.
  2. Limit Your Options. Don’t try to sample too many dishes at your tasting. This can be a challenge especially when every item sounds delicious. Some companies limit the number of items you can try during your catering tasting. Others allow you to sample only those items they choose to present. Either way, you can easily become confused and overwhelmed if you try to sample everything under the sun. Limiting what is served at the tasting you will allow you to make good decisions and select a menu you will be proud to serve to your guests.
  3. Take Photos. Take photos of each item you sample and make notes about the flavor, texture, and presentation. This will give you a handy reference when you need to revisit the experience.
  4. Schedule. Be sure to plan your tasting well in advance and be flexible with the scheduling. Caterers must arrange tastings around their schedule of events. This may mean that you will be asked to be available for a weekday tasting at lunchtime or in the early afternoon. Some caterers will allow you to drop by one of their events. In that case you will have the opportunity to see an actual event set-up, but you may not get to ask questions or choose any items to taste.

At Tufts Weddings, we strive to offer our clients the greatest flexibility possible for their tasting experience.  We allow a tasting for 2 once you have signed your contract to secure your date for the Bowen Gate, Walnut Hill, Brown and Blue and The Cummings Center wedding packages.  Please visit us at   to see all that Tufts University weddings has to offer.