Design Contests


The Tufts University Social Collective solicits vibrant designs for annual events and programs. Without participation in these submission contests, many of our events would not be possible.


Congratulations to the following individuals for their selected artwork.

Tuftonia’s Day 2018 T-Shirt
Given out on event day, April 29, 2018
Designed by: Kristen Moran ’20
Class of 2021 Banner
Hung in the Campus Center Beginning May 2018
Design Concept by: Rabia Abbasi ‘20
Digitalized by: Christopher Markus ‘20
Tuftonia’s Day 2017 T-Shirt
Given out on event day, April 28, 2017
Designed by: Kelsy Hoffman
Class of 2020 Banner
Hung in the campus Center Beginning April 2017
Designed by: Kristen Moran ‘20