Welcome to Spring Fling Weekend

April 26 – 29, 2019

Since 1980, Tufts Spring Fling Weekend celebrates the conclusion of the academic year, which includes celebratory events such as the annual Spring Fling Concert, outdoor movie, and Tuftonia’s Day. Over the years, many additional events have been added to the weekend, and we are thankful for the many campus partners work tirelessly to make the last weekend of the semester a success. A special thanks to The Office for Campus Life, The Dean of Student Affairs, Health Promotion & Prevention, The Office of Residence Life, Center for Awareness, Resources and Education (CARE), The Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life, the Green Dot Campaign, the Tufts University Police Department, Community Relations, and Facilities Services.

Get the Most Out of Spring Fling Weekend

To get the most out of your weekend, we encourage you to stay hydrated, rest, eat well, and most importantly ask for help when you need it. Specifically, TUSC urges concertgoers to remember that a crowd does not equal consent, and just because the performers use certain language doesn’t mean you should! Let’s all vow to be appropriate with our language choice to ensure a safe space for our peers.

Green Dot is a pro-active and reactive Bystander Intervention program that focuses on changing our campus culture and building skills for a safer community. In 2018, TUSC Concert volunteers and a number of other event staff will go through Green Dot training prior to Spring Fling Weekend. By turning Spring Fling green, we hope to remind students to look out for each other to ensure a safe and fun event! Being a Green Dot is easy, as long as you remember the THREE D’s: Direct, Delegate, and Distract.

There are a number of visible resources and individuals present throughout the weekend and we encourage you to ask for assistance for yourself or others you see in need through individuals identified with green wrist bands and/or lanyards as well as TUPD and security staff. Many other student organizations, including fraternity and sorority groups, have or are planning to become part of this effort as well, and we welcome any others who wish to join this movement to contact Alexandra Donovan in the Center for Awareness, Resources and Education (CARE) office at alexandra.donovan@tufts.edu.

Hosting an Off-Campus Gathering?

We know that many students host gatherings at their off-campus houses during Spring Fling Weekend. To help reduce any disturbance to the community, we ask that you keep the following tips in mind:

    1. Notify your neighbors in advance that you’ll be having a gathering.
    2. Don’t start your event prior to 10 a.m.
    3. Keep your music volume to a minimum, especiall your bass.
    4. Keep the party indoors, and keep doors/winwos closed to prevent sound from traveling.
    5. Don’t let your gathering spill into the sidewalk or street. Your will be issued citations for any crowding on city streets or sidewalks.
    6. Pickup any trash and keep your neighborhood clean.

Useful Files:

2018 Social Policy
2018 Letter to the Community


Ticket Issues: ocl@tufts.edu
Event Questions: tusc@tufts.edu

Tufts University Social Collective (TUSC) is committed to providing equal access to our events and programs. If you require accommodations for an event, please contact John Wescott in the Office for Campus Life at 617-627-3212 or john.wescott@tufts.edu.

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