Get the Scoop on TUSC’s Groups!

Wondering what each of TUSC’s many subgroups is responsible for? Wonder no more! TUSC’s subgroups are broken into four categories: Class Years, Specialized, Executive, and Marketing. The roles of each of these subgroups are outlined below.

Exec Board

The TUSC Exec team oversees all of the TUSC subgroups and events. The team consists of two Exec members and a Communications Coordinator. Exec works closely with subgroups to make sure that the events that TUSC puts on for you are the very best that they can be.

Class Years

There is one TUSC subgroup for each class year: TUSC First-years, TUSC Sophomores, TUSC Juniors, and TUSC Seniors. Each class subgroup puts on events catered for their own class, as well as bigger events (Fall Gala, Winter Ball, Tuftonia’s Day, etc.) open to all students. Definitely some cool events to look forward to throughout the year!


Our TUSC Marketing Team is responsible for all of TUSC’s social media accounts, flyers, infographics, and media, in addition to this very website. They work hard to make sure you know about all of the awesome events that TUSC puts on.


Three subgroups fall under the Specialized category. TUSC Concerts organizes Fall Fest, Spring Fling, and other smaller concerts throughout the year. TUSC Entertainment holds fun events on and off-campus such as comedy shows, sports games and even Laser Tag. TUSC Film Series runs free movie screenings every week on campus. These guys work hard to have something fun planned for you every weekend!