Get the Scoop on TUSC's Structure!

Wondering what each of TUSC's many coordinators are responsible for? Wonder no more! TUSC's members are broken into four categories: Class Years, Specialized, Executive, and Marketing. The work of each of these roles are outlined below.

Exec Board

The TUSC Exec team is responsible for supporting all members of TUSC through providing a strategic vision, mission, and overall event support. The team is made up of two co-chairs and a communications coordinator. Exec works closely with our advisors to ensure all TUSC events are the very best they can be, and that individual members receive the support they need..

Class Years

There are three to five TUSC coordinators for each class year and are responsible for providing spirit and comradery through hosting class-specific programs such as Sophomore Halfway There, the First Year Class Banner Contest, and Senior Week. These coordinators also support campus-wide events such as Tuftonia’s Day and Fall Gala.


The Marketing Team is responsible for all TUSC’s social media accounts, flyers, infographics, and media, and this very website. They work hard to make sure you now all about the awesome events that TUSC hosts across campus.


There are two coordinators per specialized program area: Film Series, Concert, and Entertainment. The Concert Co-Coordinators plan our annual Fall Fest and Spring Fling concerts, and collaborate with the Entertainment Coordinators to bring smaller events to campus that include live music. The Entertainment Co-Coordinators host our Late Night FUN series, off-campus trips, and smaller daytime programming. Together, they manage a core group of volunteers called the Volunteer Team who are the ones who bring our events to life. The Film Series Co-Coordinators are responsible for managing the Film Series Board, who plan and execute our weekly Film Series every week during the academic year.